Полотенце SEA TO SUMMIT Pocket Towel XL

2 312 ₽
Размер:150 x 75 cm
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  • Почтой России 26 июля
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150 x 75 cm


The Pocket Towel Is The Lightest And Most Compact Towel We Make. You Will Be Amazed At Both The Tiny Packed Size And The Fact That This Material Will Absorb More Than Three Times Its Own Weight In Water. The Knit We Use For Pocket Towel Is Very Light, Making It Soft And Silky To Touch. The Pocket Towel Is The Fastest Drying Towel In Our Range – Just Wring It Out And Use It Again. Features: - Whisper Light, Yet Silky Soft And Durable - Woven Technical Fabric That’S Ultra-Absorbent And Remarkably Fast Drying - And Remarkably Fast-Drying - Absorbs Three Times Its Own Weight In Water - Packs Into Its Own Nifty Storage Pouch - Comes In A Soft, Zippered Eva Case - Press-Stud For Convenient Hanging Specifications: - Size Variation:Extra Large - Length:75 Cm - Width:150 Cm - Weight:175 G Technologies: POCKET TOWEL MICROFIBRE: - Our Pocket Towel Microfibre is a 100% Polyester super-fine knitted fabric were the surface is brushed to produce an soft plush feel, it is ultra- compact and super absorbent for its weight. - A Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that measures less than 1 denier, or approximately 1/5 of a human hair. The fibres are then split to create deep channels along its length that give it an enormous surface area, which results is a fabric that can be ten times more absorbent than cotton. Synthetic microfibres can easily be wrung out and dry very quickly.