Полотенце AWESOME MAPS Green Map Towel Amazing Nature Of The World

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The Green Map printed on an eco microfiber travel towel. The Green Map is showcasing the amazing nature of the rock we all call home. No man made structures to take away from the beauty of our naturals wonders. This map is a unique blend of geographical accuracy and hand made illustrations. Every element on this map, every tree, rock, lake etc. has been carefully considered and you discover something new every time you look at the map. For years to come the Green Map will be your best travel companion and spark your curiosity, imagination as well as wanderlust.Made of eco microfiber, the towel is super absorbent and packs small, perfect to take with you and be constantly inspired! Features: - Quick drying and highly absorbent material - Antibacterial and super lightweight - No PVC and solvent-free inks Specifications: - 180 x 95 cm (71´´ x 37´´) microfiber towel