Полотенце AWESOME MAPS Coloring Map Towel World Map To Color In With Country Specific Doodles

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This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves coloring books. Fill in awesome doodle graphics with your own colors. Make your world colorful by filling in the countries you´ve visited, and get creative inspiration to visit new and exciting countries. Then take your world with you on any trip! You can color it with any kind of textile marker pen. We knew the maps would look awesome. But we asked ourselves how we can make them awesome as well. Produced with a small carbon footprint - all made in the EU, no container ships or planes to get them to us. Highest quality materials - with high eco standards and also made in the EU, they´re products you will cherish and be able to use for a long time. Be a part of the community - we work with all of our suppliers long term, they can count on us (thanks to you!) and also pay their people fair wages. Certified Towel Material Seriously awesome. The material basically won every eco prize there is. Incomparable to other microfibers out there and much more eco-friendly than cotton, while still being higher quality. Oeko Tex 100 certified material. The manufacturing site of the material is ISO 50001 certified for its energy management system. ARCHIVAL GRADE CANVAS: - That canvas could be in a museum. 100% heavy cotton fabric, matte coating and brilliant colors that are made using eco conscious water-based inks. - Guaranteed to impress and surprise anyone who receives this. Features: - Quick drying and highly absorbent material - Antibacterial and super lightweight - No PVC and solvent-free inks Specifications: Material & Size: - 180 x 95 cm (71´´ x 37´´) microfiber towel