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Discover hundreds of climbing areas and crags, including info on climbing types, number of routes, heights and levels on a lightweight travel towel – from trad and sports climbing to deep water soloing and the most scenic crags. Perfect pack towel to take on your climbing trip or even just the climbing gym. The map has been created with friendly support of theCrag.com - the world´s largest rock climbing & bouldering platform. The map is a great gift for rock climbers. It shows the world of climbing, from trad and sport climbing at the magical Red River Gorge and Frankenjura, bouldering in Fontainebleau to deep water soloing on Mallorca and the most scenic crags in. Features: - Quick drying and highly absorbent material - Antibacterial and super lightweight - No PVC and solvent-free inks Specifications: - 180 x 95 cm (71´´ x 37´´) microfiber towel