Подушка SEA TO SUMMIT Aeros Down Deluxe L Pillow

7 168 ₽
Размер:42 x 28 x 12 cm
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  • Продавец GlobalShopper Limited
  • Почтой России 25 июля
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42 x 28 x 12 cm


By using ultralight materials to construct a down cushion-top over a TPU air bladder, our Aeros™ Down Pillow is the lightest fully-featured down pillow on the market. - Light, warm and comfortable, the premium down cushion-top is made from the same exceptionally light and transparent 10D fabric used in our Spark™ sleeping bags. - Differentially cut horizontal baffles reduce down migration and prevent the down compressing, even when the air bladder is fully inflated. The cushion-top wraps over the front of the pillow for neck comfort. The rest of the pillow case is made from lightweight 20D fabric. - Our Aeros™ bladders use a unique long-lasting anti-hydrolysis TPU film which prevents material breakdown from moisture exposure. Extremely light, the bladder’s horizontal baffles create a 3D surface that cradles the head for additional support. The multi-function mini-valve provides easy inflation, deflation and fine tuning. Features: - Premium down cushion-top for comfort and warmth - Ultralight and high-strength TPU bladder - Differentially cut baffles allow maximum down loft - Technical fabrics for lightweight performance - Multi-function mini-valve for easy inflate, deflate and fine tuning - Store and transport in compact 20D stuff sack Specifications: - Fabric: 100% Nylon, Primary Filling Material: DUCK DOWN (Min. 85% Down), Bladder: 100% TPU