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The Jungle Way design glass bottle with amethyst is not only a great way to remind yourself of the crucial role of hydration in a healthy lifestyle, but also gives each of us the opportunity to relieve the planet Earth from disposable plastics, which only in 2019. It has sold more than 480 billion units worldwide, as well as saving 99% compared to the price of bottled water. Amethyst is an extremely powerful stone, in the double bottom it actively acts on water through vibrations, even though it does not physically touch it.After only 120 minutes, it is an immune-supporting, vascular-cleansing elixir with a beneficial effect on the psyche and the function of metabolism. The depiction of the symbol of sacred geometry, the flower of life, affects the molecular structure of water, as the Japanese scientist and physician Masaru Emot proved,it has a naturally harmonizing and cleansing effect on it. Always have the basic source of life with you, your body and mind will be in constant condition with a sufficient amount of water. • Glass bottle with the flower of life• Highly resistant borosilicate glass• Stainless steel lids• Design packaging + thermal packaging• Tumbled amethyst of the highest quality• Dishwasher safe• Total volume 600 ml• Water 480 ml• Amethyst 120 ml• Height 24 cm• Diameter 5.5 cm• Designed in the Czech Republic