Scented candle in glass Spiced Tobac & Honey 396 g

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Do not leave unattended after ignition. Place on a non-flammable pad. Avoid contact with flammable material. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Do not extinguish by closing the lid. The container is hot after ignition.
Совет по использованию
How to ensure a sufficient candle flame: the main cause of a small flame is the low level of oxygen inside the candle. Therefore, the candle may not appear to burn properly. Therefore, make sure that the wax always heats up to the edges. Do not pour the wax or cut the wicks. If this recommendation is followed for a sufficiently long time, the oxygen level will gradually return and the flame will burn brightly again.
Dekorativní vonná svíčka ve skleněné dóze s víčkem a třemi knoty se zemitou vůní tabákových lístků, štiplavého pepře a sladkého medu, vše je plně dokresleno tóny mahagonového dřeva, čerstvého bergamotu a kokosového mléka. Vůně se skvěle hodí k večernímu posezení se sklenkou whiskey. Doba hoření až 50 hodin. Hmotnost Netto 396 g
Properties: candle with three wicks, with the smell of tobacco, pepper, honey, wood, bergamot and coconut milk, in a glass jar, burning time up to 50 hours.


Способ применения
Use according to the instructions.


Decorative scented candle in a glass jar with a lid and three wicks with an earthy scent of tobacco leaves, pungent pepper and sweet honey, all fully complemented by tones of mahogany wood, fresh bergamot and coconut milk. The aroma is great for an evening sitting with a glass of whiskey.