Jungle Way Palo Santo and Chocolate Scented Sticks Ароматические палочки с ароматом пало санто и перуанского шоколада

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Jungle Way premium incense sticks are hand-milled and twisted by Peruvian indigenous tribes from 100% natural ingredients, with no added additives. The basic component of the sticks is the sacred wood of Palo Santo, which is collectivized only from fallen branches. Its use therefore does not support the looting and felling of this endangered gem. The second ingredient is the exclusive Peruvian cocoa bean chocolate from the wild plantation, which has a silky delicate aroma . The combination of Palo Santa and chocolate has strong cleansing effects on both the space and the creatures in it. It harmonizes body and soul, balances energy, strengthens intuition, protects against negative perceptions, regulates stress and irritability . Light a bar and let yourself be carried away by the slightly woody, extremely seductive scent of the Amazon rainforest with a subtle touch of chocolate for 90 minutes. Made in Peru.