INTEX Dura-Beam Standard Pillow Rest Inflatable Mattress

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Intex inflatable mattress with Fiber-Tech technology. From the Pillow Rest line, the measurements are: 152x203x42 cm Fiber-Tech: technology with thousands of highly resistant polyester fibers that do not stretch with time or use, offering lasting stability Navy blue mattress with flocked surface, providing a soft, elegant and velvety texture The inflatable mattress is double, designed for one person and with a pillow finish for greater comfort The Intex mattress has a single edge structure for greater firmness The inflation time is 3 minutes by 220/240 V electric pump Integrated 2-1 system for rapid inflation and deflation Intex inflatable bed supports a maximum weight of 273 kg and its double height provides easy access and greater resemblance to traditional mattresses Intex mattress is waterproof and puncture resistant Easy to deflate and Compact fold for storage in a carrying bag (included). Mattress weight: 7 kg What are you looking for in an inflatable mattress? The three most sought after characteristics is that it is practical, can be easily stored and / or transported and, above all, that it is comfortable. The Intex Pillow Rest inflatable mattress from the Dura-Beam Standard range brings together these qualities, in addition to many other features that we will detail below. It is a wide inflatable bed, designed for use by two people and measuring 152x203x42 cm. The maximum weight that this inflatable mattress supports is 273 kg. In addition, as you can see in the measurements, it has a double height, which makes it more similar to the height of traditional beds and gives greater comfort of use (makes it easier to get in and out of the bed). The interior structure of the inflatable bed has Fiber-Tech technology, a patented system by Intex that provides the internal part of thousands of highly resistant polyester fibers. These fibers do not stretch or deform after the use of the mattress and neither with the passage of time. The inflatable mattress has an elegant navy blue design with a soft flocked surface, a velvety material to provide greater softness and comfort. In addition, to help you rest, the inflatable mattress has a pillow-shaped finish. Quality materials have been used in the manufacturing process of this inflatable, specially designed to make it more resistant to water, as well as possible punctures and / or punctures. The electric air pump is built into the interior of the mattress. This pump has a power of 220 / 240V and takes about 3 minutes to inflate, although it is also prepared to deflate the mattress with the help of the pump. You already know, in less than 5 minutes you have this double inflatable bed ready! In addition to being easy to deflate thanks to the built-in pump, it is a compact fold mattress and includes a bag to make storage and / or transport even more convenient. The Intex Pillow Rest double inflatable mattress is one of our best-selling models, as it provides great comfort and durability. In short ... a better experience at bedtime! Measures 152cm x 203cm People capacity 2 People