AWESOME MAPS Bucketlist Map Towel Things To Do Before You Die

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BUCKETLIST MAP SCRATCH EDITION This is the perfect gift for any traveler! THE “things to do before you die” list for every globetrotter. Discover the most awesome destinations on Planet Earth - from big-name spots like the Eiffel Tower, to little-known gems like the Sky Lantern Festival in Taiwan. The Scratch Edition is covered in a silver scratch-off layer to scratch off countries you have already visited. Uncover the awesomeness country-by-country, track your travels, or scratch it all off in one euphoric frenzy. Hand-illustrated with an eye for detail and printed in Germany using offset printing process on 100% acid-free 250 g/m² art paper. It comes with a decorative cylinder shaped poster tube. Size: 97,5 x 56 cm.