Aroma diffuser Natu ral Cold water 100 ml

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Как использовать
Ponořte všechna stébla do lahvičky difuzéru, aby nasákly vůní, ta se poté začne plně uvolňovat. 
Properties: aroma diffuser, with a fresh scent, design piece, suitable for smaller rooms, endurance 5-6 weeks, can be replenished after use.
Vlastnosti: aroma difuzér, se svěží vůní, designový kousek, vhodný do menších místností, výdrž 5-6 týdnů, po vypotřebování lze doplňovat.


Способ применения
Dip all the stalks into the diffuser bottle to soak up the odor, which will then begin to fully release.


The Natu ral aroma diffuser with the scent of cold water perfumes your home perfectly. The glass bottle, which hides the fragrant essence, perfectly complements the ceramic white tip with a hole for rattan sticks in a natural color. The size of the diffuser is especially suitable for smaller rooms. After the scent has worn off, it is easier to buy only the filling and add any scent after washing the bottle. The cold water hides a fresh scent with hints of sandalwood, rosemary, eucalyptus, pine, mint, green mint, bergamot, rose, grapefruit, geranium, lily of the valley, cloves, peony, sage, thyme, lavender, white musk, incense, irises, irises, irises oak moss and cedar wood. Create a pleasant atmosphere at home.