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Java Trading Company Organic French Roast Coffee Ground Bag Description
  • French Roast 100% Arabica Coffee
  • Dark Roast
  • Bittersweet and Light Bodied with Distinct Smoky Notes
  • USDA Organic
  • Kosher

Roast Profile: Dark
Region: South and Central America
Tasting Notes: Bittersweet and light bodied with distinct smoky notes

The bag says French, but this coffee’s journey starts in Latin America and is nothing short of extraordinary. First, ripe coffee cherries are picked by hand, and the fruit is stripped off to reveal two coffee beans inside. The beans are processed, dried and bagged up. All this happens at small coffee farms located high in the mountains. Then the beans are transported by mule, horse, cart, pickup, or even the coffee farmer’s own two feet. Add in a trip to port, a sea voyage, planes, trains, and automobiles, and the coffee arrives at the roasting factory, where it is expertly roasted to bring out its intense and smoky flavor notes. Finally, our Organic French Roast is ready for its final journey: to you.


What You’ll Need
Pour Over Coffee Carafe (We recommend Chemex)
Coffee Filters
Hot Water Kettle (Preferably with a digital temp. read out)
Grinder if using whole beans
Digital Scale

Brew Time
2½ – 3 minutes


Fill kettle with 600 grams (20 oz) of water and bring to a boil. Place pour over carafe on the scale and zero out. Place filter in the carafe and add 30 grams (about 3 tablespoons) of ground coffee. For best results, grind coffee to a coarseness resembling sea salt. Reset the scale to zero and start a timer. Pour in 60 grams of water in a circular motion to soak and clump the grounds so they “bloom.” This helps the coffee extract better and brings out the aroma. Wait 3 seconds, and continue pouring water in a circular motion until the scale reads approximately 450 grams. Complete steps 5 & 6 in under 3 minutes so the coffee doesn’t turn bitter.

Tip: Don’t let all the water filter through. Toss the filter as you start to near the end to avoid over extracted coffee

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