Термос Thermos Style Food со складной ложкой и чашкой - 470 мл нержавеющая сталь

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This food thermos has a wide throat which ensures easy filling , picking and maintenance of the thermos. Thermal body made of durable stainless steel is lightweight and compact. The folding bucket is provided with two joints - folded into the recess in the closure. The thermos has a waterproof closure that is shaped for easy opening / closing . The outer side of the cup is made of stainless steel , the inside of the durable plastic . The system as a whole achieves excellent insulation properties . The thermos is BPA free and can be purchased with a full range of spare parts.
A food thermos with a spoon and a cup of 470 ml
volume: 470 ml, height: 143 mm, diameter: 95 mm, neck diameter: 70 mm, weight: 365 g, keeps hot: 7 hours for liquid **, keep cool: 9 hours for liquid **. ** Insulation power measurement is performed with clean water. The shelf life of the hot / cold thermos is dependent on the heat capacity of the food. It can be said that the more water the food contains, the higher its thermal capacity and the longer it will last in the hot / cold thermos. E.g. the soup lasts longer warmer / cold than rice. The cooking time of the hot / cold thermos can be extended by preheating / cooling the hot / cold water hotplates of the thermos.

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Стиль Термос для еды с ложкой и чашкой - это термос из нержавеющей стали с вакуумной изоляцией, который состоит из двустенного корпуса термоса, крышки, складной ложки и чашки.