Motion Mobile Thermo Wrinkle - красное вино (бордовый) 600 мл

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This mobile thermo-thermometer combines the benefits of the classic thermos and thermos. It has compact dimensions, low weight , waterproof and easy to open / close . The Thermostat fits well into your hand, easily fit into your backpack, pram or car holder. Hot and cold beverages can be drunk directly from the thermos - without pouring into the cup. In the case of a hot beverage, it is possible to use a beaker to cool the beverage by snapping the thermos and spraying a small amount of liquid into the drinking area. Close the thermos by snapping the lid to secure the lock . The thermos can keep the drink at a constant temperature for a long time . To achieve a low beverage temperature, it is possible to use ice cubes that simply pass through a wide neck (4 cm). The practical design of the closure and seal of the thermos allows for easy washing . The thermolum body is made of durable stainless steel and provides maximum thermal insulation . The thermal heater is BPA free and can be purchased with a full range of spare parts.
600 ml mobile thermometer
volume: 600 ml, height: 240 mm, diameter: 70 mm (75 mm over the lock), neck diameter: 40 mm, weight: 240 g, keep hot: 20 hours, after 6 hours above 70 ° C, keep cool: 22 hours, after 6 hours below 10 ° C.




Мобильный термостат Motion - это бутылка из нержавеющей стали с вакуумной изоляцией для повседневного использования, идеально подходящая для водителей, туристов, спортсменов и путешественников.