Мобильная термокружка - коричневый металлик 350 мл

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This mobile thermo mug combines the advantages of a classic thermos and a thermo mug. It has compact dimensions, low weight, is waterproof and easy to open / close . The mobile thermo mug fits into most bicycle basket baskets (holders), it easily fits into a backpack, pram or drink holder in the car. Hot and cold drinks can be drunk directly from a thermos - without pouring into a cup. In the case of a hot beverage, it is possible to use the drinker to cool the beverage by tilting the thermos and pouring a small amount of liquid into the space of the drinker. Close the thermos by snapping the lid on, which you can lock with . It is also possible to drink from the thermos while cycling, as you can only open and close the thermos with one hand. The thermos is resistant to abrasion arising when driving on unpaved roads. The mobile thermo mug is characterized by a surprisingly low weight . To achieve a low temperature of the drink, it is possible to use ice cubes, which simply pass through a wide neck (4 cm). The practical design of the thermos cap and seal allows for easy washing . The body of the thermo bottle is made of durable stainless steel and ensures maximum thermal insulation .




Термокружка Motion Mobile (велосипедный термос) - это бутылка из нержавеющей стали с вакуумной изоляцией для повседневного использования, идеально подходящая для велосипедистов, лыжников, туристов, спортсменов или путешественников.