Детский термос Thermos Foogo - синий 290 мл

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The thermos keep the desired temperature of the drinks for a long time, it is lightweight and easily fits into a carpack, carriage or car holder. This thermoscope comes with a straw for children from the 18th month (grade 3), but other replaceable tops can be attached to the body of the bottle according to the child´s age and needs - soft drink for children from the 6th month (grade 1) or hard drink for children from the 12th month (stage 2). The thermal bottle and individual tops are designed to allow children to drink themselves. Opening the thermos is very fast and easy . Children can open and close the thermos themselves without the help of their parents. The thermos body is narrowed in the upper part so that children can easily hold the thermos. The bottom of the thermos is reliably protected by a non-slip resistant plastic foot . Foogo baby thermos : has double-walled vacuum insulation ensuring maximum thermal insulation, the thermolum body is made of durable stainless steel slowing bacterial growth, has a waterproof closure, is designed for everyday use - fits well into the baby´s hand, is easy to wash (dishwasher safe) offers the possibility of buying spare parts, is BPA free.
infant thermos 290 ml + straw for children from 18 months
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volume: 290 ml, height: 160 mm, diameter: 70 mm (using a 115 mm bracket) neck diameter: 50 mm, weight: 180 g - 200 g (depending on the drink used), keeps hot: not for hot (boiling) drinks - scalding, keeps drinks hot: 6 hours, to keep cold drinks: 10 hours.


Унисекс, Детское


Foogo Infant Thermoscope - это вакуумный флакон из нержавеющей стали синего цвета с трубочкой для детей от 18 месяцев.