Термос детский Thermos black

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FUNtainer thermos is durable and waterproof, fits well in the hand, easily fits in a backpack, stroller or drink holder in the car. It is designed for everyday use all year round. Hot and cold drinks are drunk using a straw directly from a thermos - without pouring into a cup. Opening the thermos is very quick and easy. Children open and close the thermos themselves without the help of their parents. The practical design of the thermos cap and drinker allows for complete and easy washing . The cap of the thermos for children can be divided into a cap, a drinker and a straw. The bottom of the thermos is reliably protected by a durable plastic foot, which also has a non-slip effect. The hinged loop is integrated into the lid of the thermos. Double-walled vacuum insulation ensures maximum thermal insulation . The body of the thermo bottle is made of durable stainless steel that slows down the growth of bacteria . Spare parts can also be purchased for the thermos.
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FUNtainer Children´s thermos with a straw is a stainless steel vacuum-insulated thermos for preschool and school children .