Термос или термокружка SARO Thermos For Liquids

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If, like you, your baby has an adventurous soul and likes to go out at any time, don’t worry, we have the solution! This thermos for liquids is super practical: it has a screw cap that can be used as a glass, it is made of 304 stainless steel double layer and keeps drinks cold or hot for about 6 hours*. Now you’ve got the thermos, you just have to decide where we’re going today! You can carry hot or cold drinks* for approximately 6 hours. - Screw cap, use it as a glass! - Highest quality 304 steel. Unbreakable! - The double stainless steel inner shell with vacuum chamber provides maximum thermal performance. - Capacity: 500 ml. - Wash with soap and water before first use. Do not use abrasive cleaning products. Do not use in dishwasher. - Not advisable for gaseous acid or alkaline liquids