Термос или термокружка MINILAND Termo Kid Magical

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Inox thermal bottle with straw, 240 ml capacity. Keeps the drink warmer longer thanks to its double-inox sides. Keeps liquid’ s temperature for even longer: - The Miniland thermobaby and thermokid magical thermal little bottles maintain a liquid’ s temperature for even longer thanks to its double wall of steel, so the little ones can enjoy them everywhere. Two options according to the baby’ s age, and also interchangeable - Two models of thermal bottles depending on the age of the baby: thermobaby magical, with nipple, is aimed at babies between the ages of zero and two years, and thermokid magical, with straw, is designed for slightly older children between the ages - of two and four years. In addition, the bottles are interchangeable for being able to mix the sizes, colours and accessories as desired. A fun outer design: - An original fun design in attractive colors with a soft and spongy outer texture. Materials of exceptional quality: - With 18/8 steel (304 steel) on the interior, which offers extremely low thermal conductivity and great resistance to high temperature, it is the best choice for food conservation. Easy to hold: - Thanks to the handles on the sides, the baby can grab the little thermal bottles with their little hands. Furthermore, the handle can be easily taken off or put on as deemed preferable. Ideal capacity and controlled amounts: - The magical thermobaby and thermokid, with a 240 ml capacity, come with a practical measuring scale inside. Nipple or straw anywhere and without any spills: - Thanks to the protective lid on the thermobaby magical and the closure system on the thermokid magical, both the nipple as well as the straw will always be kept clean and ready for use. Furthermore, they also protect against unwanted spills when they are being carried. No bisphenol A: - 100% BPA free Specifications: - Recommended age: 0+ Months - Collections: Magical - Core Skills: Thermal bottles