Термос или термокружка LAKEN Futura 500ml

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Are you going to be out for many hours and want to have cold water on hand all day long or hot tea after eating? With Laken´s stainless steel thermo bottles, you can enjoy your favourite drinks at their ideal temperature anytime, anywhere.Discover the extraordinary thermal performance and strength of this 500ml narrow-mouth capacity bottle, which makes it very comfortable to drink, and forget about single-use bottles, as damaging to you as they are to the environment.

It also comes in 9 colours to suit all tastes!The most comfortable and sustainable hydration is just a click away.


Up to 12h hot y 24h cold (depending on the room temperature).

Double 18/8 stainlees steel wall offers high performance vacuum insulation .

No BPA, phthalates or other harmful substances.

Suitable for alcoholic and citrus beverages.

Doesn´t retain or impart flavours.

Doesn´t sweat or burn.

Reusable and recyclable.

Tight closure.