Термос или термокружка CAMELBAK Chute Mag Insulated 600ml

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Our improved design of valve regulated bite provides 25% more flow.

The universal lid is leakproof when closed and leakproof when open, has a handle and easy transport supports Chute® bottles and containers Hot Cap Mag.

Isolation vacuum double wall keeps beverages cool.

Stainless steel tough and durable powder finish, easy to clean.


25% water by sip - Lift the control valve by bite and drink.

A leakproof when closed, leakproof when open.

Vacuum insulation double wall to maintain temperature.

It remains dry - resistant insulation condensation.

Handle easy transport.

Easy to clean - top dishwasher safe.

Handwash the stainless steel container.

Universal cover - compatible with bottles and Hot Cap Mag Chute®.

Free of BPA, BPS and BPF