КОМПЛЕКТ R&B. Бутылочка для всех типов напитков 0, 5 л. Запасная пробка, контейнер для закусок. Мяу.

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1x healthy bottle 0,5 l + 1x healthy candle + FLOPPY cap
Healthy bottle Healthy Bottle® is a unique beverage bottle for everyday use. It is made of a material developed specifically for medical and pharmaceutical purposes. Healthy bottle® does not contain phthalates, plasticizers and bisphenol A, does not absorb odors, does not form mold, it is suitable for all types of drinks without restrictions. Healthy candle The healthy candle has an original clear viewfinder for inserting your pictures or photos, has a removable dividing wall, does not contain phthalates, plasticizers, BPA and BPS, has solid hinges that allow the lid to be fully opened without the box tipping over. The box is suitable for dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers and microwave ovens, it is produced in five color variants, with the option to purchase spare parts - you can combine colors and create a large number of color variants. Dimensions 18 x 13 x 6.5 cm. FLOPPY® cover The FLOPPY® cap protects the HEALTHY BOTTLE® stopper from mechanical dirt. Wash the cap with warm drinking water before and after each use.


Детская бутылочка


Выгодный НАБОР Здоровая бутылка и Здоровая закуска содержит: Здраво с бутылочками с запасной пробкой Закусочная Коробка Здоровая закуска Дискета Здраво на Здраво с бутылками