Large scented candle Oasis of peace 340 g

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Eco friendly
Совет по использованию
The unique metal cap can be used to extinguish the candle.



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Heart & Home is a premium brand of scented candles. Why are these candles so special? They are made of high quality components - soy wax is used, wicks from Germany and unique fragrances are supplied by highly regarded manufacturers. The wax for these candles was made from soybeans. This makes Heart & Home candles more environmentally friendly and non-toxic, so you can relax with the feeling that you have contributed to keeping our nature beautiful. Heart & Home candles burn at lower temperatures than conventional candles, so they light up your home for a long time… Soy wax is flavored, so the candle not only creates a warm feeling, but your home will also be beautifully scented with the scent you choose to induce the right atmosphere. Even if the candle isn´t burning. The wax used allows the essence to combine better with the wax, and the scent of the candles is thus more intense. In addition, the candles also look beautiful and are designed so that the glasses, once burned, can also be used as an elegant jar or decoration. So why not give someone unique a unique candle, or just make yourself happy and immerse yourself in a world of dreaming, rest and well-being? It will light up and scent your home for up to 70 hours. Large candles are especially suitable for larger rooms. Weight: 340 g Candle diameter: 8.5 cm Candle height: 12 cm