INTEX Full Comfort Plush Mid Rise Mattress

10 005 ₽
Размер:137 x 191 x 33 cm
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  • Продавец DESTE FZ LLC
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137 x 191 x 33 cm






Intex inflatable bed, Fiber-Tech technology. Full Comfort Plush range, dimensions: 137x191 cm, height 33 cm Bed in a grayish tone and flocked surface, with a soft and velvety finish Air bed designed for use by two people Unique and reinforced edge that improves firmness and horizontal construction to rest better Inflation time: 2 minutes with included 220/240 V electric pump and 2-in-1 valve system for easy inflation and deflation Intex airbed holds max 237kg. Its double height allows easy access to it, similar to conventional mattresses Do you have guests at home frequently? Do your children usually bring friends to sleep? Does a family member always stay for a few days at Christmas parties? Whatever the reason you need an extra bed, stop worrying about a guest room taking up a lot of space at home. With the full comfort Plush Mid Rise airbed you can have a bed whenever you need it, but you won´t have to waste space in your home with a room dedicated to guests. Simply, when you need it you will only have to take it out of the box, place it where you want and inflate it. That easy! This inflatable mattress is made with FiberTech technology to guarantee maximum resistance and, at the same time, offer all the comfort for a perfect rest. It has a flocked surface that makes it very soft and pleasant to the touch and with its measurements of 137x191x33 it becomes the perfect bed for any guest. Storing the mattress is very easy, since it folds compactly and you can store it in its box so that it takes up the minimum space. And inflating it is also very simple: it has a built-in 2-1 valve that makes both inflation and deflation very fast. Do you need anything else to convince you that this inflatable mattress is just what you need? As you already know, at Intex we have a wide catalog of inflatable products designed to make your life easier, and this airbed is a clear example of this. Don´t think twice and offer your guests the very comfortable rest they deserve!