BRESSER Temeo Higro Quadro 4 Thermometer And Hygrometer

5 350 ₽
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The BRESSER ClimaTrend Hygro Quadro offers the possibility to measure temperature and air humidity in or around your house at 4 different locations with simple monitoring at one location: Is my cellar room too moist and threatened by mold? Is the children´s bedroom temperature all well? Is it too hot on the terrace? There are many more options open. - The three sensors deliver the data sets over 433 Mhz radio frequency to the master station, which also measures temperature and humidity. - Battery powered by 3x AAA / LR03 batteries (mainstation) and 6x AAA / LR03 batteries (for the three sensors). - Batteries user supplied, unless not content of delivery. - 2 The batteries are not included in the delivery. Please, use only the batteries that are recommended. Take a particular attention to the safety instructions written in the user guide Features: - 4 measurement readings - Early prevention of mould - 433 Mhz transmission frequency - Remote sensors are splashproof - suitable for outdoors - With Thermo / hygro remote sensor (3x incl.) - For hanging or standing - Dimensions and weight base station: 10.4x11.9x2.5cm, 152 g Technical Data: Field of application: - Bathroom - Household - Humidity measurement - Temperature measurement - Time display Measurement function: - Temperature - Humidity Electronics, hardware & software: - Display size: 12.4 cm - Power supply1: 1.5V Batteries - Batteries needed2: 9x AAA (Micro), 1.5V - Transmission frequency: 433 MHz - Transmission range: 30 m General technical data: - Body material: Plastic Type of mounting: - Stand - Wall bracket Dimensions & weights: - Total length: 105 mm - Total width: 25 mm - Total height: 120 mm - Net weight (without access.): 152 g - Net Weight total (incl. accessories): 290 g