Цифровая бытовая метеостанция TFA DOSTMANN 35.5057.IT Helios Color

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With this weather station, developed by the weather specialist TFA, you receive a regional weather forecast prepared by professional meteorologists, via satellite technology over a special radio network to your station. FEATURES: - weather forecast for 4 days in advance (today + 3 days) divided into 4 times of day (morning, afternoon, evening, night) - Color illuminated display with different brightness levels - 36 different weather icons - Display of the expected maximum and minimum values for each day - wireless transmission of outdoor temperature via transmitter (max. 100 m) with IT technology - Indoor temperature display - Time with alarm and date - Range: T in: 0...+60°C, T out: -40...+60°C - T-Sender: 30.3156.WD, 2 x 1,5V AA batteries incl. - Base station: to set, 149 x 73 x 149 mm, 295 g 3 x 1.5V AA batteries included, mains adapter included