Цифровая бытовая метеостанция TFA DOSTMANN 35.1150.01 Season

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TFA Radio Weather Station Season.

Do you want to change? The weather station SEASON creates variety, because the weather picture changes not only with the forecast, depending on the season, the landscape appears in spring bloom, with summery green, golden autumn leaves or wintery barren.

The weather symbols expand the display and give a forecast for the coming weather on the basis of the measured changes in air pressure.

So you can see at a glance whether you should think of the sun hat or umbrella.

The current relative air pressure is displayed, the course of the last 24 hours can be observed on a bar chart to get a more accurate picture of the weather development.

The outside temperature and humidity on site are determined by a separate radio transmitter.

Temperature and humidity are displayed to control the room climate.

By targeted heating and ventilation you create a pleasant and healthy indoor climate and even save heating costs.

The weather station offers many additional functions.

You can define alarm limits for temperature and humidity, call up the daily maximum and minimum values and calculate the dew point and heat index.

The stylized moon is fully or partially illuminated, depending on the phase.

A radio-controlled clock with the day and date of the week written out in full completes the information content.


Wireless transmission of outdoor temperature and humidity (433 MHz, max.

80 m).

indoor temperature and humidity.

trend arrows.

forecast with coloured weather picture (changes with the seasons).

Relative air pressure, graphic representation of the air pressure history of the last 24 hours.



function with automatic reset.

Temperature and humidity alarm.

dew point and heat index.

Radio-controlled clock with date and day of the week (6 languages).

moon phase.

Colour display with two brightness levels (in continuous operation with mains Adapter).