Цифровая бытовая метеостанция DISCOVERY BASE L50 Thermometer And Hygrometer

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The Wezzer Base L50 Thermometer From Levenhuk Measures Temperature Both Indoors And Outdoors. Get The Most Accurate Location-Specific Climate Data Without A Third-Party Weather Forecast Service. You Will Always Know When The Weather Suddenly Turns Colder. The Thermometer Has A Remote Sensor Responsible For Measuring Outdoor Temperatures And Recording Humidity. The Sensor Is Connected To The Base - No Cables Are Needed To Operate The Instrument. At The Top Of The Display Of The Levenhuk Wezzer Base L50, The Clock Is Shown And Directly Below It Are The Large Digits Of The Indoor And Outdoor Temperature Values. The Minimum And Maximum Values Are Recorded In The Instrument´s Memory To Analyse The Weather Over A Period Of Time. The Remote Sensor Has A Small Display So That You Can Check The Results Of The Measurements Directly On Site. The Humidity Values Are Only Available On The Display Of The Sensor. The Base Station Is Placed On A Table Or Windowsill And The Sensor Is Mounted On The Wall. Features: - A Digital Instrument That Doubles As A Thermometer And Clock - Measures The Temperature In Two Places: Indoors And Outdoors - Remote Sensor With Integrated Hygrometer And Display - Radio Signal Radius - Up To 50 Metres - Both Units Are Battery Operated - Functions: Clock, Thermometer, Hygrometer. Remote Sensor Included Power Supply: - Thermometer: 2x Aaa Batteries (Not Included). - Sensor: 2x Aaa Batteries (Not Included)