Цифровая бытовая метеостанция BRESSER Temeo Thermometer And Hygrometer 3 Units

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The ideal room climate not only has positive effects on our well-being, it is also good for our health. The two critical values which determine the room climate are temperature and relative humidity. If for instance the humidity is too low the effects can be burning eyes, chapped lips as well as dry nasal mucosa, which reduces our ability to provide protection against inhaled pathogens. On the other hand, if the humidity is too high there is a risk of mould formation. This can also be prevented thanks to the indicator. With the practical 3 piece ClimaTemp Thermo-Hygrometer Indicator you now have the control over the room climate in all the rooms you spend most of your time in (e.g. living room, bedroom and children´s room). Next to the exact measured values for the room temperature (C°) and humidity (%) the indicator also shows in symbolic form, whether these values are within the recommended range or if there is a need for action. Features: - Temperature display in °C - Air humidity - Symbolic room climate indicator - Early prevention of mould - Desk or wall mounting - Temperature and humidity display - Display of indoor climate - Ideal temperature: 20-27°C, humidity: 40-70% - Dimensions: 4,5 x 5,8 x 1,3 cm / Weight: 31 g - Incl.: 3 Thermo-/Hygro sensors, 3 batteries (CR2032), manual - Smiley as room climate indicator - Thermometer and hygrometer in one Specifications: Field Of Application: - Measurement function: Humidity Temperature Electronics, Hardware & Software: - Display size: 4.98 cm - Power supply1: 3V Batteries - Batteries needed2: 3x CR2032, 3V - Batteries included: yes General Technical Data: - Body material: Plastic - Type of mounting: Stand Wall bracket - Inside temperature (°C) up to: 50 Dimensions & Weights: - Total Length: 58 Mm - Total Width: 45 Mm - Total Height: 12 Mm - Net Weight (Without Access.): 75 G - Net Weight Total (Incl. Accessories): 85 G