Цифровая бытовая метеостанция BRESSER Meteo Temp Weather Center

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Is it warm enough to go out without a jacket? Can the kids go to the play area in short sleeves? Or would it be better to wear an extra layer? With the BRESSER Meteo Temp weather station, you won´t be caught unawares by the weather. Simply place the outdoor sensor in any location up to 50 metres from the base station, and the current outdoor temperature will appear on the intuitive display. In addition, the trend arrow will show you whether the temperatures are rising or falling. However, the outdoor temperature isn´t the only thing you´ll need to decide what to wear. The Meteo Temp weather station also provides a reliable weather forecast: Based on the measured values, the weather trend is shown via an intuitive graphic on the display. Sunny, (partly) cloudy, rain or snow - based on the symbol, you can decide whether you´ll need a jacket or umbrella. The weather station also has a frost warning function, which is triggered when the thermometer measures temperatures of less than 3 °C in winter. Due to the extra-large display, senior citizens and people with impaired vision keep track of the weather very easily as well. The Meteo Temp weather station: create a comfortable indoor climate: - Is it just me, or is it a bit warm in here? The display of the Meteo Temp weather station will give you a definitive answer. Thanks to the built-in sensor, the weather station provides reliable measurements of the indoor temperature. In addition, it also features a clock that sets the time automatically so that you don´t lose track of the time. The display also shows current date - after all, who doesn´t forget the date now and then? The weather station also has a simple and discreet design with no visible buttons, Temperature measuring device making it suitable for any type of decor. From chic modern to rustic - the Meteo Temp weather station will look good anywhere. Simply find the optimal location and place it on a tabletop or on the wall! Features: - Temperature measurement (°C/°F) for indoors and outdoors - Time and date are set by DCF radio signal (12 or 24-hour format) - Graphical weather trend display - Large and intuitive display, suitable for senior citizens - Connects to 1 outdoor thermometer sensor (includes 1 sensor) - Fold-out stand and wall mount - Power supply: 2x AAA batteries (weather station) and 2x AAA batteries (sensor) - Wireless weather station with temperature and weather trend display - Temperature (indoors and outdoors); DCF radio clock and date display - With extra-large display, easy to read for senior citizens - 433 MHz wireless frequency, range of up to 50 metres Specifications: Field of application: - Measurement function: Temperature Features: - Electronics, hardware & software: - Display size: 14.1 cm - Power supply1: 1.5V Batteries - Transmission frequency: 433 MHz General technical data: - Body material: Plastic - Type of mounting: Stand Dimensions & weights: - Total length: 157 mm - Total width: 83 mm - Total height: 20 mm - Net weight (without access.): 157 g