Цифровая бытовая метеостанция BRESSER Meteo H Weather Station

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This elegant weather station with a large colour display shows you detailed information about current values and has an alarm for mould, frost and heat. ​The BRESSER Colour weather station ClimaTrend Life H displays detailed information about the current weather, indoor and outdoor temperature and the date and time via DCF 77 time signal. It is perfect for your home and you can see all important information at one look. Furthermore, you get information about the weather trend and humidity. Especially, a frost and heat warning, a mould alert and a alarm function is included. Next to the useful functions of the BRESSER colour weather station ClimaTrend Life, we have to highlight the elegant design. The segmentation of the different functions is rather clear and well structered. Features: - Elegant design and large colour display - Time, date, weekday and alarm are shown on the display - Time via DCF radio transmission - Indoor / outdoor temperature display - Display of humidity - 256 different background colours - Mould alert - Frost and heat warning - Weather trend display Specifications: Measurement function: - Humidity - Temperature Electronics, Hardware & Software: - Power supply1: 1.5V Batteries - Batteries needed2: 2x AA (Mignon), 1.5V - Transmission frequency: 433 MHz - Backlighting: ✓ General Technical Data: - Type of mounting: Stand Dimensions & Weights: - Total length: 149 mm - Total width: 90 mm - Total height: 44 mm - Net Weight total (incl. accessories): 230 g