Цифровая бытовая метеостанция BRESSER 7007402 Thermometer And Hygrometer

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The BRESSER VentAir Thermo-/Hygrometer offers an innovative room ventilation recommendation. Thanks to this ventilation notification, possible mould infestation due to excessive humidity can be prevented. Alternatively, too dry heating air can also be prevented by selective airing. The station can be operated and set very quickly using the touch screen. In addition to the ventilation recommendation, the time, indoor and outdoor temperature as well as indoor and outdoor humidity are displayed. For additional convenience, the station is equipped with white background lighting, which is triggered by the light touch button in the upper frame. - The station can receive up to 3 radio transmitter signals, 1 remote sensor with a transmission range of up to 50 m outdoors is already included in the scope of delivery. Further sensors with the Bresser item code 7009983 can be reordered. - Batteries user supplied, unless not content of delivery. - 2 The batteries are not included in the delivery. Please, use only the batteries that are recommended. Take a particular attention to the safety instructions written in the user guide. - 5 Lighting manually switchable. Features: - Ventilation recommendation for a better indoor climate - Early prevention of mould infestation - Up to 3 Sensors can be connected, IP44 Splashproof - In- and Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Display - Large indoor comfort level indicator´: dry, comfort and wet - Required batteries: 3x AAA Station, 2x AAA Sensor, not included - Dimensions: 140 x 115 x 20 mm, 195 g, 15 cm display diagonal - IP44 splash proof outdoor sensor housing - Clock, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity - Incl. hanging hook and fold out table stand integrated in housing Properties: - Ventilation recommendation for a better indoor climate - Early prevention of mould infestation - 433 MHz transmission frequency - 50 m range of transmission - Up to 3 Sensors can be connected, 1 sensor is included in the package - IP44 Splashproof sensor for placement of the sensor outdoors (hanging only) - Outdoor temperature (in °C / F) - Indoor temperature (in °C / F) - Relative humidity (inside and outside) (in %) - Time display - White backlight - Min/max memory for temp. and humidity - With integrated hanging hook and unfoldable table stand in housing Technical Data: Field of application: Measurement function: - Humidity - Temperature Electronics, hardware & software: - Display size: 14.58 cm - Power supply1: 1.5V Batteries - Batteries needed2: 5x AAA (Micro), 1.5V - Transmission frequency: 433 MHz - Transmission range: 50 m - Lighting5: Backlight - Backlighting: Yes General technical data: - Body material: Plastic Type of mounting: - Wall bracket - Stand -Inside temperature (°C) from: -10 -Inside temperature (°C) up to: 50 -Outside temparature (°C) from: -40 -Outside temparature (°C) up to: 70 Dimensions & weights: - Total length: 140 mm - Total width: 25 mm - Total height: 114 mm - Net weight (without access.): 190 g - Net Weight total (incl. accessories): 242 g