Цифровая бытовая метеостанция BRESSER 7002530 Pluviometer

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For All Ambitious Amateur Gardeners And Meteorologists Who Are Not Satisfied With Average Values Of The Weather Services, The Digital Wireless Rain Gauge From Bresser Offers The Possibility Of Your Own Professional Precipitation Measurements. The Bresser Professional Rain Gauge Shows The Detailed Rain Measurement Values In Millimetres, But Also The Indoor And Outdoor Temperature Is Displayed Precisely. The Rain Gauge Has A Radio Distance Of 150m Outdoors. The Radio Range Is Achieved By The 868 Megahertz Radio Signal. The Base Station Can Determine Temperature And Humidity And Can Also Show The Rain Readings Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Or Annualy. It Is Equipped With A Graphical Histogram. Features: - Precipitation Measurement - Dcf Radio Clock Reception And Display - Wake-Up Call With Snooze Function (Snooze) - Outdoor Temperature Alarm (Frost Warning) - Outdoor Temperature (In °C Or °F) - Indoor Temperature (In °C Or °F) - Humidity Inside - Bar Chart - Since-Function For Displaying The Total Precipitation From A Certain Point In Time - Lowest And Highest Value Display - Max-/Min-Values Storage - Backlight - Battery Operated (Station: 2x Aa; Sensor: 4x Aa - Not Included!) Specifications: Electronics, Hardware & Software: - Display Size: 10.3 Cm - Batteries Needed2: 6x Aa (Mignon), 1.5v General Technical Data: - Material: Plastic Dimensions & Weights: - Total Length: 95 Mm - Total Width: 155 Mm - Total Height: 25 Mm - Net Weight (Without Access.): 197 G - Net Weight Total (Incl. Accessories): 567 G