Цифровая бытовая метеостанция BRESSER 7002530 Additional Basis

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All plants need water. Every nature lover knows it, from gardeners to farmers. The trick is in the amount. With your rain gauge, you can keep an eye on how much water your plants are getting. Why a second base station? First and foremost, you can keep track of the rain values and external temperature measurements from your existing external sensor from a different location. If you choose to make that location your bedroom, you can even do away with your alarm clock. Set the base station to wake you in the morning, and you’ll instantly know whether you need to make time to water the garden that day. You have all usual display options, including the graphical histogram to display rain values by hour, day, week, month or year. The additional base station is a great all-rounder: The integrated sensor measures the indoor temperature and humidity in the room in which the base station is located. This way, you can declare war on mould and dry air. The other functions, such as the frost alarm, SINCE function and maximum/minimum value alarm, can be used independently of your replacement station. Features: - Receives weather data from the professional rain gauge - Integrated sensor for measuring the external temperature, indoor temperature (°C/°F) and humidity (%) - Graphical histogram - SINCE function to display overall rain values from a specific point in time - Maximum and minimum value alarm function - Min./max. value memory - Automatically sets the time via DCF radio signal - Alarm function with snooze button - Ice/frost alarm - Historical data memory - Backlight Specifications: Measurement function:: - Temperature - Humidity Electronics, Hardware & Software: - Display size: 10.3 cm General Technical Data: - Material: Plastic Dimensions & Weights: - Total length: 95 mm - Total width: 155 mm - Total height: 25 mm - Net weight (without access.): 197 g - Net Weight total (incl. accessories): 567 g