Корзина, коробка или контейнер BASIL Bremen BS/KF 24L Basket

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The Basil Bremen BE/KF is a practical matt black bicycle basket that you can easily attach to your handlebars. This removable basket is equipped with a pre-assembled BasEasy/KF (BE/KF) adapter plate. This makes the basket suitable for BasEasy and KF systems. These systems have to be bought separately. In combination with the Basil KF star bend holder, you can also mount the basket on an electric bicycle. You can choose from the following systems on the Basil website: - Basil KF Handlebar Holder - handlebar holder - Basil BasEasy Stem Holder - stem holder - Basil BasEasy Luxe Stem Holder - handlebar stem holder The aluminium wire design basket is detachable, so you can easily take it to the supermarket or local weekly market. What’s more, the soft grip handles are incredibly practical and comfortable. Do you want to combine the front basket with a back basket? You can! A luggage carrier option is available in the same style. Features: - Perfectly suitable for e-bikes, in combination with a Basil handlebar holder! - System needs to be purchased separately. - Height adjustable, so you can adjust the basket to the desired height for your handlebars. - Detachable and therefore convenient and easy to take into the supermarket. Specifications: - Dimensions: 28 cm x 37 cm x 26 cm (External dimension) - Weight: 0.699 kg - Position on the bicycle: Front - Installation on: Handlebar - Material: Aluminium - Wire / Mesh: Wire - Assembly: Basil BasEasy and suitable for klickfix system - Mounting kit included: No - Removable: Yes - Handle: Yes - Anti-theft: No - Lid included: No - Suitable for dogs: No - Carrying capacity: max. 5 Kg.