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Ксилит - это подсластитель, который получают из ксилана, содержащегося в растениях, фруктах и овощах. Не имеет побочного привкуса. Ксилит примерно на 40% меньше калорий, чем обычный сахар, но в равной степени подслащивает и благодаря очень низкому гликемическому индексу (13) подходит для диабетиков.

Tech Specs

Пол: Унисекс
Packing: 250 g
additives: Average nutritional value per 100 g: 240 kcal / 1005 kJ proteins 0 g, carbohydrates 99.80 g, fat 0 g, fiber 0 g, 4 mg sodium.
DESCRIPTION: Xylitol is extremely appreciated for its ability to protect the teeth against dental caries. This effect is caused by the invading oral microflora responsible for tooth decay. Very good quality xylitol from Iswari comes from USA and is extracted from birch bark. A crystalline form as ordinary sugar.
Способ применения: Because xylitol is as sweetening as sugar, simply sweeten a cup of coffee or tea in the same amount as in conventional sugar. The crystalline xylitol is also used directly for cooking and baking. Unlike other sugars decompose at high temperatures, so it is excellent in all recipes that require sugar. Edit recipe for use xylitol can be easier - just the required amount of sugar to replace xylitol in a ratio of 1: 1st
Spotlights: We offer other natural sweeteners .