10 мл мягкого клеща Ixoderm work / Средства против насекомых Vetrisol

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Мягкий клещ Ixoderm для работы с йодом продукт является первым выбором для быстрой анестезии, сдерживания, уничтожения и удаления клещей zakousnutých текущим продезинфицированным пораженным участком.

Tech Specs

Пол: Унисекс
DESCRIPTION: The unique composition of the soft tick Ixoderm work based on the original findings concerning risks arising when removing ticks. The first and major effect of anesthesia is instantaneous (incapacitation) tick without causing any of his defensive reactions (mainly increased salivation or vomiting tick gut contents into the wound). The current effect of the immediate disinfection of the tick surface. Another effect achieved by the soft tick of Ixoderm work is distortion and softening of. Cement layer, which was formed around hypostome a tick in bundles tightly fastened. Effect is a gentle and reliable killing ticks and simultaneous hardening to the extent that it is subsequently possible to easily and safely removed. Effect of preparation: Application of Effect of Effect of complete destruction of ticks to tick after 1 min. application after 9 minutes. application for 15 min. from applications During deployment preparation for the tick is able to immediately immobilize without triggering defense responses tick.
Способ применения: Aperture tube with application of Ixoderm after unscrewing the cap carefully attach to the tick and spontaneously, or very slight compression of the tube, on the tick is applied 1-3 drops of the preparation so that the tick is completely covered. After about 2-5 minutes (depending on amount of product) to partially clean the dried product safely remove a tick with tweezers, which attach as close to the mandibles tick, or other appropriate means. Movement during removal of ticks is wobbling, not rotating. After removing the tick can drop of the affected site even one drop of product. We recommend that you place one month follow that appears on the skin at the site where the tick přisáté, redness, which will gradually expand (in this case, it should immediately contact your doctor).
Notice: Do not use in known hypersensitivity to substances contained in it. In rare cases, after long-term use at high doses, skin irritation can occur. The product is highly flammable, handling extreme caution. Store at 25 ° C. Protect from light and frost. Do not open or tamper with the product in the near naked flames or other heat sources.
Packing: 10 ml + tweezers to remove ticks
Spotlights: Our offer also hooks for ticks and other drugs during the attack tick . For more information about the product Ixoderm work 10 ml, see the article Enjoy the beauty of nature without fear of ticks - with Ixodermem .