Ecoegg wash egg на 70 стирке с ароматизатором

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The wash egg pack is not suitable for washing at 90 ° C. Ecoegg wash eggs are dermatologically tested and designed for sensitive skin as well as for washing baby clothes and diapers. They are hypoallergenic and do not irritate the skin with atopic eczema.
The Ecoegg wash Ecoegg is a modern, innovative and environmentally friendly washing product . Its main advantage lies in the complete replacement of the chemical detergent . Just put it in the drum of the washing machine. No additional detergent, gel, tablet or fabric softener is required . The linen will be clean, delicate, subtly fragrant and soft. The aroma of crisp cotton is a combination of patchouli oil supplemented with iris flower oil and is closed with essential vanilla oil and vegetable musk. Other benefits : enables long-term use, is dermatologically tested, is hypoallergenic, recommended by Allergy UK and the National Eczema Society, it is also suitable for sensitive skin and people with allergies, also suitable for washing laundry and diapers, easy to use, the colors remain vibrant and fresh, suitable for white and colored underwear, white linen remains snow-white for a long time, delicate natural fragrance thanks to essential oils, strong against dirt, gentle on the skin, does not remain after washing clothes, Environmentally friendly.
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Способ применения
Thanks to its unique composition, the Ecoegg wash Ecoegg removes common dirt even at low temperatures. So you can wash your normal laundry at 30-40 ° C. You do not need to wash it at 60 ° C. This saves energy, time and money every time you wash it. The egg does not release any chemicals. The foam produced during washing is caused by a change in the water structure (the water changes from hard to soft) and by mechanical movement of the egg in the drum of the washing machine. When rinsing, the washing machine drum has a different speed, so foam does not form. It is this washing principle that causes no residual substances in the laundry to be rinsed. During rinsing, only loose dirt is removed.
30% anionic surfactants (ecologically degradable surfactants), 15-30% nonionic surfactants (ecologically degradable surfactants), perfume (essential oils)


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