Освежитель воздуха Village Candle Soleil All Day scented candle 389 g

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Совет по использованию
How to ensure a sufficient candle flame: the main cause of a small flame is the low level of oxygen inside the candle. Therefore, the candle may not appear to burn properly. Therefore, make sure that the wax always heats up to the edges. Do not pour the wax or cut the wicks. If this recommendation is followed for a sufficiently long time, the oxygen level will gradually return and the flame will burn brightly again.
Properties: candle with two wicks, aromas of coconut milk, jasmine, oud, teak, neroli flowers and musk, in a glass jar, burning time up to 85 - 105 hours.


Способ применения
Use according to the instructions.


Who wouldn´t want to stay all day on a sunny beach and just relax. Village Candle Soleil All Day will create the perfect illusion of these happy moments at home and at work. It contains a tempting aroma of coconut milk, jasmine, oud, teak, neroli flowers and musk. A decorative scented candle with two wicks in a glass jar with a lid will pleasantly scent your home.