Био Арома шариковый - Антистресс 9 мл

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Intended only for external use. Avoid contact with eyes. Made from organic cold pressed oil and 100% natural essential oils. Bio product without preservatives and synthetic fragrances.
blend of essential oils, citral, limonene, linalool, geraniol, citronellol
Harmonically tuned composition of organic olive oil and pure natural essential oils of lavender, lemon balm, rosemary and others, calms the mind and evoke a pleasant mood. Aromatherapy is a treatment using scents. It uses the properties of natural essential oils and acts both preventively and during acute problems. Essential oils give the plant its scent, they contain therapeutic properties of plants. Each oil has its own unique features, which are used for their specific purposes. Scent can help relieve pain and stress. Strengthen energy, encourage better mood and open the way to love. Come with us into the world of aromatherapy, the world of fragrances, which accompanies us for centuries. At the time, which is often filled with stress, tension and too hectic life, aromatherapy contributes to environmental harmony, well-being and resilience surroundings. Enjoy your senses a world of pure aromas and rare essences. Discover in aromatherapy scented little helpers for your good feeling, harmony and joy of life. You can always have on hand anywhere, they can accompany you throughout the day to soothe stress, relax and sleep.
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We offer also another Aroma roll-ons and other preparations for stress and anxiety .
9 ml
Eco friendly
Type of product
Oils - Ball antiperspirants and deodorants


Способ применения
Apply in a circular motion on the pulse points, wrists, temples and neck as needed several times a day.


Bio Aroma roll-on - Antistress - шарики с превосходным натуральным ароматом, снимающие психическое напряжение, истощение, стресс и раздражительность.