ENERGY Эфирное масло Герань 10 мл

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10 ml
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Use at body level: relieves heavy and painful menstruation helps with varicose veins and hemorrhoids mild intestinal problems, diarrhea used for facial neuralgia, shingles Mild muscle pain in the lower back strengthens the kidneys, has a diuretic effect stimulates lymph flow (cellulite) stimulates the adrenal cortex and blood circulation harmonizes the hormonal system - menopausal problems strengthens the liver (support for jaundice) shows repellent effects against insects (also lice and roaches) Psychiatric use: acts as an antidepressant, relieves mental and emotional strain, anxiety, irritation, stress, calms the nerves, mild sleep disorders restores the zest for life of tired and elderly people, helps with convalescence and exhaustion from overwork, stimulates and tones the nervous system brings balance Mental effects: it gives courage to openly express feelings induces a state of calm strength and security it leads from mental overpressure to relaxation and open perception it helps to connect with the inner world of sensitivity and nature Cosmetic use: brightens and brightens the skin, lightens pigment spots (of hormonal origin) It is suitable for acne, unclean skin, inflammation has astringent effects - suitable for "cracked" veins stimulates, turns off the skin and brightens the skin heals, heals and regenerates, cures burns and frostbite mild dry eczema, dandruff, psoriasis has a preventive effect . against creation
Inhalation: 2-3 drops in a diffuser or evaporator. Massages and application on the skin: mix 4-6 drops with 20 ml of vegetable oil. Baths: The essence must always be first mixed in an emulsifier (vegetable oil, high percentage cream or any of the Pentagram® therapeutic creams) and then added to the water. To increase the effect, it can be enriched with Biotermal bath salt. Bath time 20 minutes. Dosage for whole body baths: mix 3-6 drops with 20 ml of oil, 150 ml of cream or 1 tablespoon of therapeutic cream. Add to a bath of warm water. Dosage for foot baths: mix 2–5 drops with 15 ml of oil, 75 ml of cream or 1 tablespoon of therapeutic cream. Add to a container of warm water, which should be enough to reach above the ankles. The bath acts through reflective surfaces and points on the feet.
Not intended for internal use! Avoid contact with eyes! Keep out of reach of children.


Oleje, Эфирное масло, Масла
Pelargonium Graveolens Flow Oil


Energy Geranium - ароматерапевтическая эссенция. Герань относится к группе так называемых «женских» эссенций, она открывает путь к естественному переживанию женственности, возвращению к собственным силам, к самому себе.