Ароматический диффузор или свеча Air-wick Electric diffuser and filling Botanica Exotic rose and African geranium 19 ml

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Properties: electric diffuser with filling, the scent of exotic roses and African geraniums, lasts up to 100 days, long-lasting aroma, The elegant design of the shaver fits into any interior.


Способ применения
1. Unscrew the cartridge cap.2. Hold the refill in a vertical position and insert it deep into the bottom of the shaver until you hear a click.3. Insert the filled diffuser into an electrical outlet.4. To change the odor release rate, turn the knob on the top of the diffuser. Largest mark = max. Setting.5. To change the cartridge, unplug the appliance and carefully pull the cartridge down.


The Air Wick electric diffuser will last you up to 100 days when used at the lowest level of odor intensity. Thanks to the unique scents offered by the Air Wick brand, it will suddenly create well-being in your home. The Botanica range is inspired by nature and its diverse scents. Delight your senses with this fresh and exotic scent of geranium, mixed with delicate roses. Geranium essential oil is responsibly sourced from Africa, where the plants are harvested by hand to preserve their fresh scent.